A manual price is a static price you can set for any listing that will be used instead of having that listing repriced. The competition will continue to be retrieved based on your repricing frequency. Your listing will not be repriced again until the manual price is deleted. This feature is useful when running a sale or updating the shipping for your items.

How to set Manual prices

Manual prices can be set two ways; on the individual listing level or in bulk through the use of upload templates. Because Informed will always consider the total price when sending new prices to the marketplace, it is important to account for any shipping costs when setting any price in your account. For example, if your item price is $10 and you charge $5 shipping, your manual price should be at least $15.

Setting a Manual price one by one

  1. Click to edit the listing 
  2. Enter your desired manual price into the manual price field
  3. Click save to apply your changes

Manual prices in bulk

  1. Go to the Uploads page in your account, located in the "Manage" section.
  2. From the "Download a Template" drop down, select the "Set or Update Manual Prices" template.
  3. After entering your manual prices, upload your file in either a .csv or .txt format.

Important: When using upload templates you must enter "0" in the manual price column to remove any prices. Blank fields are always ignored during the upload process.

Sales pricing on Amazon

We do not support sale prices so if you are running a sale on an item that we are actively repricing, your sale price will be overridden. You can take any of the following steps to avoid having your sales prices overridden:

  1. Do not set a min price: Leaving your min price blank will prevent Informed from updating your prices. 
  2. Change your listing status to "Unmanaged": No updates to price or quantity will occur on unmanaged listings.
  3. Set a manual price: Setting a manual price will prevent Informed from repricing your item until the manual price is removed.
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