Which strategy should I use?

Choosing the best strategy for your business

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Strategies determine exactly how your listings will be repriced on the marketplace. You can choose to create a custom strategy which gives you access to all the settings we offer or get started fast with one of our customized strategy templates or algorithmic strategies. We will never price outside of your min/max price parameters. Below is an overview of our strategy types.

  • Get the Buy Box (Algorithmic): The GTBB strategy will compare your offer and seller metrics against the offer currently in the Buy Box and determine an initial price that will help you win it. Your price will be lowered incrementally until your offer wins the Buy Box. Once you win the Buy Box the algorithm will look for opportunities to raise your price.

  • Optimal Price (Algorithmic): This strategy uses a combination of machine learning and your historical sales data to automatically find the optimal price for your listings, regardless of any competition. You can also set your own target velocity.

  • Private Label (Algorithmic): Similar to Optimal Price but designed specifically for Private Label items.

  • Compete with Featured Merchants (Strategy Template): This strategy is best for preventing you from competing with sellers who aren't Buy Box eligible. This is recommended when the Buy Box is suppressed.

  • Compete with Lowest Price (Strategy Template): Informed Repricer will pull in the lowest-priced offer on the page and make this offer your direct competitor.  Additionally, you can set pricing rules to dictate how you would like to be repriced against FBA/Seller Fulfilled Prime, MFN, and Amazon.

  • Build Your Own (Custom): Start from scratch and build your own strategy. Define your competition based on a seller's Fulfillment Network (ie: FBA/Seller Fulfilled Prime, or MFN), Feedback Rating, Seller Rating Count, Featured Seller Status, or even compete directly against the Buy Box. 

You have the ability to duplicate or create multiple strategies, and you're able to assign any strategy to as many or as few of your listings as you'd like. 

You can find out more about our Strategies in our Strategies Help Center Collection.

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