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Why is my price not updating?
Why is my price not updating?

Common reasons why you might not be repricing

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Checking your strategy & account settings

There are a few common reasons why your listings might not be repricing that are simple to fix:

  • Min Price Not Set: A Min Price is required and must be set in order for repricing to work. Min price is lowest total price you're willing to sell an item for.

  • Don't Lower My Price Enabled: This setting overrides any settings that call for your min price to be used once you display Buy Box ownership in your account.

  • Choose How to Reprice Set to "Do Not Reprice": For your competition scenarios in your strategy, you have the option for "Use Min Price", "Use Max Price", and "Do not reprice". Your listing will not be repriced if you've triggered one of these scenarios like "Competition Below Min Price" and this setting is configured to "do not reprice"

  • Marketplace/Repricing Disabled: If either of these statuses; are set to “disabled” we will not send price changes to the marketplace. 

  • Listing Status: If an item has a status of “Out of Stock”, “Deleted”, or “Unmanaged”, we won't update it's price.

  • Suspended Account: If your account becomes suspended for billing reasons your marketplace gets disabled and repricing stops. Reactivate your marketplace to start repricing again.

  • Vacation Mode in Seller Central: When your Amazon store is in vacation mode, your MFN listings will not receive updated competition data and may not be repriced in Informed Repricer. Vacation mode is used to temporarily remove your seller-fulfilled offers from the Amazon offer page. We will be able to retrieve updated competition and repricing will resume without issue once this mode is switched off.

  • Competition Hasn't Changed Price: When using a Custom or Pre-configured strategy, we will only update your price if your direct competitor updates their price. If you would prefer to use a proactive repricing strategy, we recommend Get The Buy Box.

If you haven't identified the problem based on this list, you should reach out to our support team.

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