Managing your strategies

Understanding how to manage your repricing strategies

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Assigning/managing strategies

You can assign a strategy to an individual listing, a specific group, or to many of your listings in bulk.  While a listing can only be assigned to one strategy at a time, you can create as many strategies as you'd like.  

Strategy ID Card

Strategies are organized by name into a "card" which provides a snapshot of how the strategy is configured. You can view the total number of assigned listings, strategy ID, strategy type, specifics about your Min and Max prices, and the last modified date of the strategy.

Below is what each icon stands for:

  • Chain Link: Assign your strategy by group

  • Pencil: Edit your strategy

  • Double Sheet of Paper: Duplicate your strategy

  • Eyeball: Preview your strategy

  • Trashcan: Delete your strategy, this can not be undone.

Assigning Strategies

One by one on the "Listings" page of your account

This method is best used in instances where you'd like to update the strategy for a specific SKU.

Selecting "None" will remove a strategy completely from an item.

Multiple Listings

The listings page can adjusted to view up to 100 listings at a time.

Bulk Assign

Once you're done configuring your strategy, you will be re-directed to the strategies list page. Clicking the chain-link icon directly to the right of the strategy name will bring you to the "Assign Strategy" pop-up that allows you to select a specific group of listings.

IMPORTANT:  Please keep in mind that making multiple selections will not filter your items.  It will apply every item to every category that is checked.  For example, selecting your Amazon marketplace, and MFN items will not filter just MFN items from that specific marketplace.  It will add every MFN item in your account, as well as every item in that specific marketplace.

Using Templates

  • If you have a large numbers of listings and do not want them all using the same strategy, you can easily assign many listings to different strategies at a time by using an upload template. From Uploads tab, select "Set or Update Strategies" from the "Download a Template" menu. Once you have downloaded the template, locate the Strategy's unique ID from the Strategies List and paste it into the "STRATEGY_ID" column in the upload template.

Important: Leaving the "STRATEGY_ID" field blank will keep the listing configuration as is. To remove the strategy from a certain item, you must enter a 0 in this field.

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