We know just how important Buy Box ownership is when it comes to selling on Amazon. A common misconception is that sellers must sacrifice profit for visibility, when in actuality, there are many metrics involved when Amazon determines who they offer ownership to. We provide two direct strategies to compete for the Buy Box based on how aggressive you would like to be, not just by lowering you to your Min price each time.

Get the Buy Box (Proactive)

You compete solely against the current Buy Box owner. We reprice you in small increments until you get the Buy Box. Once you do, we either keep you at that price or raise your price if your direct competitor falls off the listing or raises their price. If you lose ownership due to this change, we will quickly reprice you until you win it back.

The concept of lowering you in small increments from your starting point allows you to be in the Buy Box at the highest price possible. We will never lower your price once you’ve won the Buy Box.

Competition Type "Buy Box" (Reactive)

You compete solely against the current Buy Box owner as per your repricing rule. You can tell Informed how you would like to be repriced against the Buy Box based on fulfillment type (FBA & Seller Fulfilled Prime/MFN/Amazon). This means you can be repriced above or below a certain amount by % of fixed amount or simply match the Buy Box price. Once you win the Buy Box we will keep you at this price until you lose the Buy Box.

When using a reactive strategy, your price may not update every repricing cycle. This can be a result of your direct competitor not changing their price.


  • Seller Fulfilled Prime competition will be treated the same as FBA

  • All exclusion settings are ignored when setting your competition type to "Buy Box" or "FBA then Buy Box" (when there are no FBA offers)

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