Listings Page

The profit column on your listings page allows you to interact with your listings and understand the profit you'll make with a sale at its current price for Amazon.

  • In the column, you'll see the estimated profit you will make at your item's current price after deducting your cost, marketplace fees, and FBA fees or shipping (if applicable). If you have a cost currency different than your marketplace currency, Informed will automatically convert the marketplace's currency and fees to your cost currency when calculating profit. 

  • Hovering over the icon in the column will show you the breakdown of the different fees deducted from your item's price to determine your profit.

  • Profit is calculated on the fly as you view your listings using your current price and current marketplace/FBA fees. These calculations take place as you view your listings and listings cannot be sorted or filtered based on profit. You may also see that this data fills in slightly after other listing data as they are calculated in the background and will display once ready.

Insights Page

When accessing your Sales details from your Insights page you can also view the Profit for each individual order that has been shipped.


  • Cost and Cost Currency for a listing is required for the Profit to be calculated. Profit is calculated based on the cost at the time of the sale, meaning profit will not be updated if the cost price is changed.

  • Profit will only be calculated for orders that have Shipped, Pending and Cancelled orders will display N/A

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