Listing edits can be made individually by clicking on the pencil icon. The pencil icon will appear to the far right when you search for a listing using the search bar:

You can also pull up the Edit Listing Box by clicking the pencil to the left of a SKU on the listings page.

The Edit Listing box allows you to edit all your listing information. Because we're not a listing tool, we can only send price changes to the marketplace. Updates to anything else will only be reflected in your Informed account.

What listing information can I update in my account?

  • Cost price of an item can be entered when using our formula builder to calculate your min and max prices. When a cost is entered a cost currency is required. Learn more here.
  • Manual Prices can be set keep your price at a static amount. Your price will not be updated until the manual price is removed.
  • MAP Prices (Manufacturers Advertised Prices) can also be set for your Amazon listings only. Note: if Min is set lower than MAP we take the min price.
  • Min/Max Prices must be set in order for repricing to occur as we must know your floor price while a max price is optional.
  • Target Sales Velocity must be set if you are using the sales velocity algorithm as your strategy. You can set a number of units a month you wan tot sell or specify a date you want to sell all your inventory by in order to automatically calculate a target sales velocity.

What listing information cannot be updated?


  • Changes to the SKU name
  • Shipping Cost
  • Item Condition
  • Listing Titles


  • Changes to the Custom Label
  • Shipping Cost
  • Item Condition
  • Listing Titles

IMPORTANT: Changes to SKUs, shipping costs, item condition, listing titles, and creating or ending listings must be done on the marketplace. When changes are made to a SKU, the original listing in your Informed account must be deleted in order for the new SKU to download back in, this usually takes about 10-15 minutes. It's important to know that min/max pricing and strategies must be re-assigned.

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