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How can I edit listing information in Informed Repricer?

Listing information in Informed Repricer can be modified either in-app via the Edit Listing window, as described in this article, or via an upload. For more information regarding using uploads, please see the following Help Center article: Uploading a file

The Edit Listing window is the primary in-app method of editing your listings and allows you to edit all your listing information. This can be opened multiple ways:

  • Via the Listings Page by clicking on the pencil icon shown under the actions menu on all rows of the listings table

  • After entering any data in the search bar, you'll notice in the search drop-down on the right side a pencil icon will appear to open the edit listing window for the that search result

  • The edit listing window will also appear if you click various pieces of data, such as min/max prices, in the listing table directly. While some fields can be edited in-line, others will open the edit listing window to allow you to modify that data

What listing information can I update in my account?

All of the information that is editable in the Edit Listing window can be modified. Please see the above screenshot all editable fields.

Please note that most changes are made only in Informed Repricer and will not modify the data showing your Amazon Seller Central. For example, changing the min price in Informed Repricer will not adjust the min price on Amazon Seller Central.

  • Cost price of an item can be entered when using our formula builder to calculate your min and max prices. When a cost is entered a cost currency is required. Learn more here

  • Manual Prices can be set keep your price at a static amount. Your price will not be updated until the manual price is removed.

  • Min Prices must be set in order for repricing to occur so we don't price you too low. This can be set manually or calculated using your costs

  • Max Prices while recommended, are optional and not required for items to begin repricing. Amazon can deactivate listings which are priced too high, please ensure your max prices are within an acceptable range as per Amazon guidelines

  • Strategy can be adjusted at any time, allowing you to reprice your product differently based on the behavior of the competition or the status of the listing

  • MAP Prices (Manufacturers Advertised Prices) can also be set for your Amazon listings only. Learn more here

  • Target Velocity must be set if you are using the sales velocity algorithm as your strategy. You can set a number of units a month you want to sell or specify a date you want to sell all your inventory by in order to automatically calculate a target sales velocity

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