Deleting listings can be done from the listings view on an individual level and in bulk. If the listing that you delete in your Informed account gets downloaded again, it means that it is still active on your marketplace. In order for a listing to be permanently removed from your Informed account, you'll need to delete your listings directly on the marketplace first.

To delete your listings

  1. Select the checkbox for any listings that you would like to delete
  2. Navigate to the Action Menu
  3. Select the Delete option

Delete all "inactive" listings

Once a listing becomes inactive, it is removed from your active listing view automatically. You can view your inactive listings by clicking on the "Filter By" menu and selecting "Inactive Listings" from the drop down.

Your Inactive listings view provides you with three options to update your inactive listings. Choosing the option to "Permanently remove all deleted listings" will remove all listings that have a status of Inactive (deleted).

NOTE: Amazon FBA listings are archived by Amazon and can continue to be included in the FBA inventory reports we request. As long as archived listings are being sent by Amazon, these listings cannot be permanently removed from your account.

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