Adding your Walmart marketplace

Learn how to add your Walmart marketplace.

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How do I add my Walmart Marketplace to Informed Repricer?

In order to add your Walmart marketplace into your account, follow the steps below! If you do not yet have an account with Walmart and would like to learn more about how to get approved, click here.

  1. Click on the Marketplaces on the left-hand side of your account

  2. Click on the + Add Marketplace button and select Add Walmart

  3. Follow the instructions displayed to obtain your Walmart credentials (Client ID and Client Secret) by first selecting the Login to Walmart's Developer Center button

  4. Within your Walmart Developer Center account, you can access your Client ID and Client Secret by clicking My Account in the top right-hand corner and selecting log-in type as “marketplace”

  5. Then click Add New Key For a Solution Provider and select Informed as the solution provider

  6. Set the following permissions:

    • Get Feeds: View Only

    • Content: No Access

    • Items: View Only

    • Inventory: View Only

    • Price: Full Access

    • Lag Time: View Only

    • Order: View Only

    • Returns: View Only

    • Shipping: View Only

    • Fulfillment: View Only

    • Rules View Only

    • Reports: View Only

    • Account Profile: View Only

    • Growth: No Access

  7. Once you have provided both the Client ID and Client Secret, enter them into the correct fields in Informed Repricer and click Verify Credentials on the bottom left-hand corner of the page.

  8. If your credentials are verified and you receive a Success! message, please click the Save button on the bottom right to save your credentials

What happens if I receive a failure message when verifying my credentials?

If your credentials were not setup correctly in Informed Repricer, you will receive a Verification Failed error message and your Walmart marketplace will not be added. There can be one of two reasons why your verification will fail:

  • If your credentials fail (pictured below), you will have to re-verify and ensure your Client ID and/or Client Secret are correct until access is permitted by our system.

  • If your permissions fail (pictured below), you will have to update your permissions in Walmart Developer Center and match the necessary permissions shown on the add marketplaces page and in the verification failed message as shown below.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to pull in my listings once I’ve added my marketplace?

Walmart sends us listing information every four hours. This means it could take up to 4 hours for us to start pulling in your listing information.

How long does it take for a newly added listing to appear?

Because Walmart only sends new listing information every four hours it could take this amount of time for new listings to show up in again.

Do you support multi-variation listings on Walmart?

No, Walmart's API does not send the necessary information for us to support multi-variation listings.

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