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Integrating with E-com Solutions allows you to sync your cost values set in their system either every 1, 12, or 24 hours.

To enable the integration go to Integrations > E-com Solutions.

In the File URL field, enter a URL the following format: http://app.ecomsolutions.technology/csv/{username}/{password}.csv

  • Replace the username and password with your E-com logins and exclude the { }.

  • Do NOT use "advanced options for FTP"

For Example:



"What information is Informed Repricer pulling from E-Com Solutions?"

  • Our system will only pull cost prices from E-Com Solutions. we will not pull listings, inventory or any other information from E-Com Solutions. 

"How come my listings are in E-Com Solutions but not in Informed Repricer?"

  • Your listings are not being pulled from Ecom-Solutions. Informed Repricer uses the Active Listings Data report from your Amazon account to populate listing information, only listings with live inventory on the marketplace will populate into your account. 

"Why is my cost price set so high/low ?"

  • We will update your pricing information for your marketplace based upon the costs being provided to us by E-Com Solutions and base your min/max prices on how your formula is set up in our system. All information is pulled via a hosted file from your third party solution, we do not pull information directly from suppliers. If your cost prices are not as expected you should check to make sure your formulas are set up correctly. 

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