How do I pause repricing?

Learn how to temporarily pause repricing

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What ways can I pause repricing?

Repricing can be disabled either on an individual item or on an entire marketplace. The processes for disabling individually or for all listings on a given marketplace differ but both will pause repricing.

How do I pause repricing on an entire marketplace?

When repricing is disabled for a marketplace, NO price revisions will be sent, including Manual Prices. To disable repricing use the following steps:

  1. Go to Marketplaces page using the navigation bar

  2. Navigate to the marketplace card that you would like to turn repricing On or Off for

  3. Click the toggle to turn repricing either On or Off

How do I pause repricing on an individual listing?

Repricing can be disabled on a single listing by setting an item to Unmanaged. Once an item has been unmanaged it will not be repriced in any way. You can unmanage an item via an upload or in Informed on the Listings page.

To Unmanage an item via the listings page:

  1. Navigate to the listings page and click the pencil icon for the listing you want to unmanage

  2. Changed the Managed field to No

  3. Click Save

  4. The item will now show as Unmanaged in the Status column

To Unmanage an item via an upload:

  1. Export the Listings page or download the "Manage or Unmanage Listings" template on the uploads page

  2. Change the Managed field to FALSE for the item you would like unmanaged

  3. Save the file

  4. Re-upload the file with the changed value via the uploads page

  5. The item will now be Unmanaged

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