We provide two options in your account that will allow you to temporarily pause repricing. Each option can be found in your marketplace settings:

Disable repricing

When repricing is disabled for a marketplace, NO price revisions will be sent, including Manual Prices. To disable repricing:

  1. Go to "Marketplaces" tab using the navigation bar

  2. Click the Marketplace name you would like to disable repricing for.

  3. In your marketplace settings, change Repricing from Enabled to Disabled.

  4. Click "Save" to apply your changes.

Marketplace status

Disabling your marketplace allows your settings to stay intact, but no changes to your listings will occur. We will not pull new listings into your account when the marketplace is Deactivated. You can follow the same steps for disabling repricing to deactivate your marketplace. Within your marketplace settings simply change your Marketplace status from Enabled to Disabled.

IMPORTANT: You will continue to be billed while your marketplace is paused. To prevent charges you will need to cancel your subscription entirely. Once your subscription has been cancelled, your settings will remain in Informed for 30 days after which, they are permanently deleted.

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