Informed's integration with Ecomdash allows you to easily edit your min/max prices directly within Ecomdash . With this integration enabled, Ecomdash will push any updates you make in their software to Informed on a regular interval.

Configuration Steps

1. Create an FTP login and folder where Ecomdash can push a file. Ecomdash can create one for you if you don't already have one.

2. Within Ecomdash, in the Administration section, Navigate to Settings > Tools> Informed Info > Subscribe .

3. In Settings enter the FTP URL where Ecomdash can push its templates. You can also specify the Upload Frequency.

3. Locate your marketplace ID on your marketplace page and enter it in your Ecomdash account.

4. Configure min and max prices in Ecomdash. Informed pulls min and max prices based on your entries for the min price and max price fields for under the Repricer tab on the Product Details page in Ecomdash

5. In your Informed account, enter the URL for your FTP on the Integrations page > Ecomdash. Makes sure to click "Show advanced options for FTP" and enter your username and password for the FTP. We will then begin pulling the file on the schedule you've specified.

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