Informed's integration with SellerCloud allows you to easily edit your min/max prices directly within SellerCloud. With this integration enabled, SellerCloud will push any updates you make in their software to Informed on a regular interval.

Configuration Steps

  1. Create an FTP login and folder where SellerCloud can push a file. If you need assistance in creating an FTP, SellerCloud Support can provide one.
  2. Locate your marketplace ID and enter it in your SellerCloud account. Your marketplace ID is available on the marketplaces page.
  3. Enter the marketplace ID in SellerCloud by navigating to Settings > Company Settings > Toolbox > Warehouse Cart Codes. Enter the Marketplace ID in the Cart Code Column next to the corresponding channel.
  4. Configure min/max prices in SellerCloud. Informed pulls min/max prices based on the following SellerCloud fields from the Amazon Properties page.

Min/max  prices setting titled min/max fields on SellerCloud's eBay product page.

SellerCloud can now generate files with the values you've specified either manually or on a scheduled basis.

Use the following steps to schedule a task to generate this file with a regular interval in SellerCloud:

  • Settings > Company Settings > Toolbox > Scheduled tasks.
  • Select Export Products from New Task Type drop down and click GO.
  • Enable the task and configure the task's schedule.
  • Select Informed(Appeagle) Format from the Export via Plugin dropdown.
  • Select Export to FTP and enter FTP information and credentials.
  • Click Save. The file will generate and upload to FTP site according to configured schedule.

Use the following steps to manually generate a one-time file:

  • Manage Inventory page > Select Products > Export Products from Action Menu.
  • On the Export Products page, select Informed(Appeagle) Format from the Export Type dropdown and click Export to generate the file.
  • The file can then be placed manually onto the FTP site.

If you've scheduled a task in SellerCloud, enter the URL for your FTP as a CustomSync in your Informed account. We will then begin pulling the file on the schedule you've specified. If you want to upload a manually generated file, you can do so from the uploads page by clicking the Upload Your Changes button in the upper right-hand corner.

Note: SellerCloud has more information about the integration and how to configure min/max prices based on purchase orders in the documentation on their website.

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