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Informed Repricer's integration with SellerCloud allows you to easily edit your min/max prices directly within SellerCloud. With this integration enabled, SellerCloud will push any updates you make in their software to our system on a regular interval.

Configuration Steps

UPDATE: SellerCloud has recently updated their integration with our system to utilize our Informed Repricer API. Starting 9/10/2021, users will be required to reach out to SellerCloud to setup an integration using this new system.

For users with existing integrations setup using our hosted file system, please use the following steps to update your existing integration:

  1. Create an FTP login and folder where SellerCloud can push a file. If you need assistance in creating an FTP, SellerCloud Support can provide one.

  2. Locate the marketplace ID on the marketplaces page.

  3. Enter the marketplace ID in SellerCloud by navigating to Settings > Company Settings > Toolbox > Warehouse Cart Codes. Enter the Marketplace ID in the Cart Code Column next to the corresponding channel.

  4. If you have not already, configure min/max prices in SellerCloud. In SellerCloud Stop Loss Price = Min price. Amazon Price = Max price

  5. After setting the Min and Max prices for items, use the column header "AppeagleEnabled" to bulk enable sending these prices to Informed Repricer.

SellerCloud can now generate files with the values you've specified on a scheduled basis.

Use the following steps to schedule a task to generate this file with a regular interval in SellerCloud:

  • Settings > Company Settings > Toolbox > Scheduled tasks.

  • Select New Task Type dropdown > Export Products > GO.

  • Click the Schedule Enabled box and configure the task's schedule.

  • Select Appeagle Format from the Export via Plugin dropdown.

  • Select Export to FTP and enter FTP information and credentials.

  • Click Save. The file will generate and upload to FTP site according to configured schedule.

Finally, enter the URL for your FTP in your Informed Repricer account by going to Integrations > SellerCloud. Make sure to use the "advanced options for FTP. We will then begin pulling the file on the schedule you've specified.

Note: SellerCloud has more information about the integration and how to configure min/max prices based on purchase orders in the documentation on their website.

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