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Managing Your Account
Managing your account settings
Managing your account settings

Learn how to change/update settings in your account

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Changing your email/password

You can change the email address and/or password anytime in your account. After updating your account information.
IMPORTANT:  You must scroll down to the bottom right and click save for changes to take place.

Pausing your account

We provide two methods that will allow you to temporarily pause repricing: disabling repricing and changing your marketplace status. Each option can be found in your marketplace settings.

You will continue to be billed while your marketplace is paused.  In order to prevent charges, you will need to cancel your subscription entirely. Once your subscription has been canceled, your settings will remain in Informed Repricer for 30 days after which, they are permanently deleted.

Updating your billing and plan information

You can update your credit card information in the Subscriptions page. You can access this page by clicking the User Icon in the upper right-hand corner of your account. On this page, you can also change or update your current plan and view your billing history

Disabling daily activity email notifications

Everyday we send our clients an email that summarizes their daily sales and repricing activity. If you would like to disable these emails navigate to your Account Settings and set the toggle to "Disabled" for Daily activity email.

Disabling upload errors email

Each time one of your uploads contains an error or results in a failure our system will automatically send a email to the email address on file containing a summary of the problems that occurred. If you would like to disable these emails navigate to your Account Settings and set the toggle to "Disabled" for Uploads errors email.

Manage lists

This section allows users to manage their lists and formulas. Instead of having these settings exist within one strategy, you can carry them over to multiple strategies. These lists include all Min price and Max price formulas and lists of seller names to either include or exclude from competition.

This list can be found by clicking on the Strategies tab in your account & then clicking on "Manage Lists".

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