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When you change your shipping costs on the marketplace, we do not receive the updated shipping right away. This means that there will be a period of time where the shipping in your Informed Repricer account is outdated. On Amazon specifically, the larger your account is, the longer it will take for us to retrieve updated shipping prices. This is due to the limitations Amazon has on the number of requests that can be made per hour on your account via their API. Please see the time estimates below:

Less than 25,000 listings: Changes will be reflected within the hour
More than 25,000: You should anticipate an additional hour per 25,000 listings
100.000 listings or more: About four hours


  • Your shipping costs cannot be set or updated in your Informed Repricer account. Your shipping cost are sent to us directly from Amazon, we are not looking at any specific template but the exact numbers attached to the SKU of your shipping cost. 

  • We do not have ability to adjust/alter any shipping cost being sent to us and cannot change the way it is being received.

We strongly recommend taking steps to pause repricing before updating your shipping on the marketplace. This will avoid any potential incorrect price adjustments. If you are going to be removing shipping or lowering your shipping costs, you will want to first raise your prices on the marketplace before adjusting shipping to account for these lower costs. You can do this in bulk using our templates by setting a manual price.

Prevent Repricing

  1. Disable Repricing for your marketplace: If you are updating shipping for a large number of listings you can disable repricing for that marketplace entirely within your marketplace settings.

Removing the Shipping Cost Completely

If you would like to set your items to "FREE SHIPPING" on the marketplace, below are the necessary steps that should be taken before removing the shipping cost on Amazon.

  1. Download an "All Available Fields" template

  2. Take the sum of the CURRENT_PRICE + CURRENT_SHIPPING column and enter the total price in the MANUAL_PRICE column. Here is how you can do this in bulk below.

  3. Save as CSV. or TXT file and upload the template into your Informed Repricer account

  4. Once Manual prices have updated, make the changes to your shipping cost within your seller central account.

  5. After your changes to shipping costs are reflecting correctly, you can remove the manual prices by downloading a new "All Available Fields" template and zeroing out (placing a 0 as the new price) the MANUAL_PRICE column. Save this file and re-upload back into your account. You will then see your items continue to reprice as per your strategy settings.

Lowering the Shipping Cost

  1. Following the same steps above, if you are only lowering your shipping cost you would add the CURRENT_PRICE column + $1 (or any amount you'd like) into the MANUAL_PRICE column. 

Please Note: You should confirm your shipping costs have been accurately updated for all listings before re-enabling repricing. This can be done by checking the CURRENT_SHIPPING column in the "All Available Fields" template available from the Uploads page.

Shipping Overrides (Amazon marketplace)

Shipping overrides are essentially Amazon's way of indicating that the shipping has been set on the individual listing level and they will provide us with the lowest available amount. If overrides are updated frequently they can cause conflicts when repricing because we do not receive the updated shipping right away.

Shipping Bands

Price banded shipping allows you to set your shipping rates based on the total cost of an order. Since updates to shipping aren't immediately downloaded, if a price change crosses the shipping band, there can be a period of time that we have the incorrect shipping amount. We highly recommend using a fixed price shipping model on all of your listings, to avoid selling your item at an incorrect price.

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