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Why is there no Buy Box for my item?
Why is there no Buy Box for my item?

Learn how to identify a suppressed buy box

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What is a suppressed Buy Box?

A suppressed buy box is when Amazon completely removes the Buy Box on a listing. Below is an example of what the offer page will look like when Amazon has removed the buy box:

Instead of seeing "Add to Cart" there is a "See All Buying Options" button. While Amazon does not give out exact details regarding this, we believe that there are two reasons why Amazon removes the buy box:

  1. All selling prices are above MSRP (manufacturer's suggested retail price)

  2. There are currently no Buy Box eligible offers on the page

How do I see which items have a suppressed Buy Box?

You can identify items that have a suppressed Buy Box by filtering on the Listings Page. If you filter by Buy Box Status > Buy Box Suppressed you will see all items with a suppressed Buy Box.

The following is a direct link to the filtered page for your convenience: Listings with a suppressed Buy Box

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