Your marketplace settings control the status and repricing mode for your marketplace. These settings can be useful if you'd like to pause repricing at any time or stop Informed from pulling in new listings.

To update your settings

  1. Go to the "Marketplaces" tab of your account located on left-side navigation menu

  2. Select the Marketplace Name for the marketplace you'd like to edit

  3. After adjusting your settings, click "Save"

  • Marketplace status: This status allows you to deactivate your marketplace at any time and keep your settings intact, while no changes to your listings occur. We will not pull new listings into your account while the marketplace is deactivated. NOTE: Disabling your marketplace will "pause" your account, but you will continue to be billed.

  • Repricing: Choose whether Informed should retrieve competition AND update your prices automatically or ONLY retrieve competition. If you choose the Manual repricing mode and have manual prices set, they will NOT be sent to the marketplace.

IMPORTANT: If your trial expires, your account is suspended due to billing issues, or if you re-subscribe after cancellation, you must manually switch your marketplace status to "enabled" after reactivating. Marketplaces are automatically deactivated as a precaution because we are unaware of when our customers will reactivate, and pricing/inventory may become outdated.

Marketplace List

Each marketplace is organized by name into a "card" which provides the specific ID number, as well as your seller name, total listings, and default strategy. If the marketplace is inactive, or the credentials are invalid, "DISABLED" will display at the top of the card.

Your marketplace can be edited or deleted directly from this list by utilizing the icons in the top right corner.

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