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Learn about the information and settings available on the Marketplaces page

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What is it?

The Marketplaces page is designed to provide information on each marketplace and allow you to adjust marketplace specific settings.

What settings can be changed on the Marketplaces page?

There are various settings that can be changed on the Marketplaces page for each individual marketplace.


  • You can toggle repricing on and off to pause repricing for all listings on a given marketplace. Once repricing has been disabled, we will continue to pull in new data for those items but no price changes will be sent out.

  • Repricing cannot be turned back on for accounts that are suspended or are not on an active subscription.

Default Strategy

  • Your marketplaces default strategy is the strategy that all listings on the associated marketplace will be assigned to when the listing is first downloaded into Informed Repricer.

  • Selecting None as your default strategy will prevent new listings from automatically being assigned a strategy upon listing download.


  • VAT (Value Added Tax) eligible marketplaces can have their default VAT adjusted via the Marketplaces page. If VAT has been added all listings associated with that marketplace will have the default VAT entered used in min/max/profit calculations.

  • For more information regarding how VAT works with Informed Repricer, please see out VAT Help Center article.

Shipping Policy (Walmart only)

  • Walmart marketplaces have a Shipping Policy that is used to determine how our system will treat shipping values sent by Walmart's API for your Walmart listings.

  • A Free shipping policy means that we will use free, 0.00, as the shipping amount for all Walmart products in your account. A Paid shipping policy means that our system will use Walmart's reporting to determine the shipping amount on your products.

What other information can be found on the Marketplaces page?

Each marketplace will have a marketplace card that shows some basic information and provides some quick shortcut links for the given marketplace, these include:

  • Marketplace ID: This is the unique numeric identifier that Informed Repricer uses to determine which listings belong to which marketplace

  • Marketplace Name: The marketplace name that is displayed to customers on Amazon and Walmart

  • Marketplace Region: The region the given marketplace belongs to (Americas, Europe, or Asia-Pacific)

  • Marketplace Country: The country associated with the given marketplace

  • Marketplace Type: This lets you know if the given marketplace is an Amazon or Walmart marketplace

  • Total Listings: The total listings associated with this marketplace in Informed Repricer. Clicking this hyperlink will bring you to a filtered Listings page with only listings associated with that marketplace

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