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What is Amazon's subscriptions API?
What is Amazon's subscriptions API?

Understanding Amazon's subscriptions API

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Amazon's Subscriptions API, specifically the Any Offer Changed notification, is the feed sent by Amazon where our system obtains information regarding the various offers for each listing on Amazon's website. This Any Offer Changed notification provides various pieces of information for each offer on the listing such as:

  • Current Buy Box winner

  • Fulfillment Type including Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA), Seller Fulfilled Prime (SFP), or Merchant Fulfilled (MFN)

  • Featured merchant status

  • Item condition

  • Shipping price and time

  • Seller feedback rating

  • Availability including in stock or backordered

  • Ship from location

It is important to note that Amazon will only send the Top 20 offers in the Any Offer Changed (offer report) provided by their Subscription API. This is typically the first two pages of offers on Amazon's website.

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