Amazon's Subscriptions API is the feed, sent by Amazon, where our system obtains information regarding the various offers for each listing on Amazon's website. This Subscription API provides various pieces of information for each offer on the listing such as:

  • Current Buy Box winner

  • Fulfillment Type including Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA), Seller Fulfilled Prime (SFP), or Merchant Fulfilled (MFN)

  • Featured merchant status

  • Item condition

  • Shipping price and time

  • Seller feedback rating

  • Availability including in stock or backordered

  • Ship from location

NOTE: Amazon will only send the Top 20 offers in the Offer Report provided by their Subscription API.

With the release of Amazon's new Subscriptions API we have added additional features to your strategy settings.  This will allow the customer to dive deeper into specific scenarios when repricing items.  You are now able to set conditional scenario settings to reprice items based on the following:

  • Exclude/Include seller's by Seller ID

  • Exclude Amazon as a seller 

  • Amazon Beat By (Price above or below by $ or %)

  • Exclude Competition with specific Handling Time

  • Exclude Backordered Competition

The Amazon Subscriptions API will only send notifications of a price change after it occurs on the marketplace.  Requests for competition pricing are not permitted.  Once Amazon sends us your updated data, your price will be adjusted immediately.

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