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Why is my account suspended?
Why is my account suspended?

Understanding why your account is suspended and how to reactivate your marketplace

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Why was my account suspended?

Our system will automatically attempt to collect payment using the card on file the morning of your billing date.

If after several consecutive daily tries the card on file is declined, your account will enter into "suspended" status. We do not suspend accounts on weekends or federal holidays. You'll receive an e-mail from us and see the following banner notice in your account. 

Once your billing information gets updated our system will automatically attempt to charge the updated payment method and, if successful, your account will automatically get unsuspended. Simply follow the link provided or go to the Subscription Page within your account to update your billing information.

Do I need to do anything after my account is unsuspended?

If your account was suspended you will need to re-enable repricing via the Marketplaces page in order for your products to begin repricing again. To do so, simply switch the repricing toggle on the Marketplaces page to On for each marketplace to begin repricing again.

If your account was suspended some time ago, you may want to ensure that your listing data, such as costs and min/max prices, is up to date prior to enabling repricing again to ensure your listings reprice properly.

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