In some situations, manufacturers may require sellers to advertise their items at a price that the manufacturer sets, or MAP (Manufacturer Advertised Price). Sellers can get around this requirement by displaying a hidden price and requiring the buyer to add the item to their carts before being able to see the actual price. To display a hidden price on Amazon, you must set a MAP price. Once a MAP has been set, if your price is lowered below your MAP, the item price will be hidden on the marketplace.

Please note: This feature is specific to the Amazon marketplace

Setting a Map Price individually

  1. Edit your listing to pull up the edit listing box.
  2. Enter the MAP into the corresponding field.
  3. Click "Save" to apply your changes.

Setting MAP prices in bulk

  1. Go to the Manage section of your account and select "Uploads" from the side menu.
  2. Click the "Download a Template" option.
  3. Select the template "MAP and Handling Time (Amazon Only)".

When uploading your changes, please make sure that your file is in a .csv or .txt format. To remove MAP using an upload template, you must enter a "0" in the MAP column for any SKU you are removing this price for. Any field left blank in a template will be ignored during the upload process. Once a price change occurs on your listing, the MAP will be completely removed.


  • It is important to understand that Informed can reprice you below your MAP as long as the price revision does not go below your minimum price set. If you do not want to be lowered past a specific point, you should set your min price accordingly.
  • MAP price changes will not go live on the marketplace until an additional price change has been made or if you send in a manual price change yourself.
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