In some situations, manufacturers may require sellers to advertise their items at a price that the manufacturer sets, or MAP (Manufacturer Advertised Price).

How does MAP work in Informed

When you enter the MAP for your Amazon listings within Informed, these items will not go to Min if the MAP price is higher.

For example: if your set min price is $7.00, but your MAP price is $8.00, we will not price you below your MAP price of $8.00.

In a situation where your min price is higher than your MAP price, i.e. if your min price is $12.00 but your MAP price is $10.00, we will never price you below your min price of $12.00.

Please note that your Max Price will always represent the ceiling at which your listing can be priced at. If your MAP ($10.00) Price is higher than your Max Price ($8.00), our system will not reprice you above your Max Price ($8.00).

Setting a Map Price individually

  1. Edit your listing to pull up the edit listing box.

  2. Enter the MAP into the corresponding field.

  3. Click "Save" to apply your changes.

Setting MAP prices in bulk

  1. Go to the Manage section of your account and select "Uploads" from the side menu.

  2. Click the "Download a Template" option.

  3. Select the template "MAP and Handling Time (Amazon Only)".

When uploading your changes, please make sure that your file is in a .csv or .txt format.

Deleting MAP:

  1. To remove MAP in Informed using an upload template, you must enter a "0" in the MAP column for any SKU you are removing this price for. Any field left blank in a template will be ignored during the upload process.

  2. After removing MAP in Informed, you must also remove the MAP price in Amazon, if you want the price to be viewable by the customer before check-out.


  • For Amazon, MAP will be sent to their system but will not go live on the marketplace until an additional price change has been made or if you send in a manual price change yourself.

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