Learn how to add tags to your items for easy access and better organization

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Tagging allows you to easily organize listings in whatever way makes sense for you. Using tags, you can group listings based on the supplier, style information like color and size, brand, category, or anything else you find helpful.

Once you've tagged listings, you can quickly view all the listings sharing that tag to see their prices and competition or apply bulk edits like strategy changes.

Adding tags to a listing

On the Listings Page, click the "Add Tags" button below the listing title or open the edit listing dialog by clicking the pencil icon. Type the tags you want to add in the tag field, separating multiple tags by hitting enter or clicking outside of the tags field. Tags can also be edited in bulk on the listings page.

Viewing tagged listings

You can view the listings associated with certain tags in two different ways:

  • Clicking a tag displayed below your listing title.

  • Filtering by tag(s) from the "filter by" section.


  • There is no limit to the number of tags that can exist in your account

  • A tag will be automatically created when first saved and automatically deleted from your account when it is no longer applied to any listings

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