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Why we don't have a phone number
Why we don't have a phone number

Why there isn't a phone number on our site

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We pride ourselves on being a small team that supports thousands of customers. While we love talking to everyone, it becomes increasingly difficult to provide the best experience possible while juggling inbound calls and emails. After giving phone support a try, we realized that a better experience can be provided via email and even from directly in our product. Customers can get their questions answered by searching our help resources or starting a conversation with a member of our team. Just click the help icon at the bottom right of your account.

This approach offers the best way to help you because:

  • We can send you screenshots and reports

  • We can better track all incoming support requests

  • We can forward more complex issues directly to our technical support team

  • We can diagnose and investigate without leaving you on hold

All these things will ensure you have the quickest resolution time. 

Even without an inbound phone number, customers on our higher tiered plans can book a call with members of our Customer Success and Support teams by sending us a message. 

We're based in the US (EST) and operate are:

  • Monday - Thursday: 9AM to 6PM

  • Friday: 9AM to 2PM

During these hours we always get back to our customers same day.  In short, although we may not provide a phone number we're always ready to help!                        

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