ROI-based min/max prices

Set your min/max prices using a target ROI (return on investment)

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This feature allows you to specify a target return on investment on your listings.  Our system will automatically determine min and max prices for your listings after accounting for marketplace, shipping, and/or FBA fees.


  • ROI-based min /max prices cannot be calculated without inputting cost.

  • A manually set min/max price will override an ROI-based min/max price.

Creating an ROI-based min/max

ROI-based pricing is accessible within the very last section of your strategy.

  1. Select "Return On Investment" from the last section of your strategy.

  2. Specify a percentage ROI to target for your min and max prices.

  3. After you've confirmed your formula is correct, hit save and finish the strategy.

How is ROI Calculated?

ROI is calculated as:
Profit / Cost 

As an example, if a $20 item sold for $100 with a 15% category fee, you would have profit of $65 and a Return on Investment of 325%

Profit is your Revenue ($100) - Cost ($20) - Fees ($15) 

ROI: Profit ($65) / Cost ($20) = 325%


  • Amazon fees are calculated using Amazon's GetMyFeesEstimate Products API call. If incomplete data is returned via this call for any reason, we will not be able to determine a min price.

  • Walmart listings are ineligible for ROI-based min/max prices because Walmart does not expose their fee structure via an API

  • In rare circumstances, with incomplete product information, FBA fees cannot be retrieved from Amazon. When FBA fees are not retrieved for an FBA listing, min/max prices will not be calculated.

  • Shipping costs are not immediately received. 

  • We do not support banded shipping. Using a fixed-price shipping method to avoid incorrect price revisions.

  • If your listing appears in a marketplace that uses a different currency than what you've specified, it will automatically be converted for you.

  • Exchange rates and min prices are adjusted accordingly at 6:00 AM GMT daily.

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