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InventoryLab is an all-in-one listing, inventory management, and profitability analysis solution. Begin syncing the Cost (Unit amounts) entered or updated in InventoryLab with Informed Repricer by turning on the integration.

Costs will automatically sync once per evening. Any costs already set in your Informed Repricer account will be overridden by values set in InventoryLab if the InventoryLab cost is greater than $0.00; if a cost is again changed in Informed, it will be overridden in the next update from InventoryLab. 

NOTE: Keep in mind that your costs will be synced according to InventoryLab's First In, First Out (FIFO) process, meaning whichever cost is next in your sort sequence for a SKU will be sent to our system by InventoryLab.


  • With this integration, Informed Repricer will only update the cost field on the master SKU level.

  • InventoryLab will not send cost updates for any listings without inventory until the item is once again in stock

  • Informed Repricer will not update any listing sent to us by InventoryLab with a cost of 0 (zero)


Cost (Unit amounts) in InventoryLab are stored as USD. If you have a cost currency set to a value other than USD, it will be overridden.

Once your costs are set, you can go on to use this cost to calculate min and max prices and/or display profit and ROI.

Configuration Steps

1. From the Informed Repricer integrations page, navigate to the InventoryLab section and click the Link Account button. That button will take you to InventoryLab’s Integration page.

2. On InventoryLab's page, click the toggle to Connect your InventoryLab and Informed Repricer accounts.

3. Log back into our system and navigate to the Integrations page again, the "Link Account" button will be replaced by an Enable/Disable toggle. This signifies that integration was setup successfully on your InventoryLab account.

4. After clicking "Enable," you will see a final prompt warning that InventoryLab will overwrite any existing costs.

5. Once your integration is completed, any costs entered in InventoryLab will be updated during our nightly sync.

At the moment, the InventoryLab integration is only available for Amazon US.


  • If you have multiple marketplaces with InventoryLab, you will have to turn on the integration for each marketplace individually in each associated InventoryLab account; however, you will only have to enable InventoryLab integration one time.

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