Fee promotions are when Amazon offers to provide a discount on certain fees if you price your listing to a certain price point. These fee promotions are provided solely by Amazon and are only for eligible listings for a limited period of time.

For example, Amazon may offer a 9.2% referral fee discount for an item as long it has a sale price of $77.99 or less. The fee discount will also have an expiration date that is provided by Amazon for when the fee promotion will no longer be valid.

Our system will automatically use fee promotions when calculating min and max prices and determining profit on any eligible listings that currently meet Amazon's requirements. 

Informed will display all fee promotion information under the Fees section in a listing's Pricing Summary page. The section labeled Fee Promotion will contain the following information:

  • Fee Discount

  • Price required to receive discount

  • Expiration date for fee promotion

NOTE: For a list of all available Fee Promotions available for your marketplace, login to your Seller account on Amazon and navigate to the following link:

IMPORTANT: While Informed will provide the expiration date of the fee promotion on the Pricing Summary for each listing, it is the responsibility of the customer to remember when the fee promotion expires and adjust their prices accordingly.

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