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Learn how Informed Repricer works with Amazon's Small and Light program

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What is it?

Small and Light is an Amazon only program in which Amazon will reduce the fulfillment fees for an item that meets all of Amazon's requirements. This allows items to be sold at improved margins/profits due to the reduction in fulfillment costs.

How to enable Small and Light in Informed Repricer?

Any item has been enrolled and qualifies your specified marketplace requirements, your discounted fees will take affect and will be factored in when using our Profit-margin, Fixed-profit, or ROI-based min/max prices; no further actions needs to be taken!

How does it work?

Informed Repricer will indicate if a listing is currently enrolled, eligible for enrollment, or enrolled but not qualified on the Pricing Summary page for each listing. You can navigate to this page via your Listings page by clicking the ellipsis "3 dots" icon and selecting Price Summary from the displayed options.

There are several states that can be displayed letting you know the status of your product in regards to Small and Light discounts:

Qualified items that are not enrolled

  • It is possible for items to qualify for the Small and Light program without yet being enrolled. If an item meets all of the marketplace requirements and qualifies for the Small and Light program, it simply needs to be enrolled by the Seller to receive fulfillment fee discounts.

  • Simply click the "Enroll your product" button and follow Amazon's steps to get this item enrolled.

Enrolled items that do not qualify

  • Items can be Enrolled in the Small and Light program but not qualify due to a variety of reasons. In these circumstances, you will see the message in the image below.

  • Once these items are updated accordingly, this message will automatically change to show that the item is both "Enrolled and Qualified. Fees reflected on FBA Fees".

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I do if I am splitting my inventory between Small and Light?

  • If splitting inventory between SNL and FBA and SFP for a single ASIN, we do not recommend assigning our Profit Margin, Fixed Profit, or ROI based min and max pricing methods to those specific items as those methods factor in fees when calculating your price.

  • Informed Repricer is not able to distinguish which version of the SKU is the version where the SNL fees would apply, resulting in potentially selling an item as a loss if assigning SNL fees to a non SNL item.

  • We strongly recommend using our Formula or Manual based min and max pricing methods on any listing where your inventory is split where fees are not factored in.

What are the possible reasons an item may not qualify for Small and Light fees?

  • “Enrolled but item is priced too high to qualify” - This indicates that your listing is currently priced too high to qualify. Setting up your min pricing accordingly will help avoid this.

  • “Enrolled but item is too large (or heavy) to qualify” - In this instance, we recommend reviewing the marketplace requirements for the Small and Light item and making any necessary adjustments

  • "Enrolled but item's sales velocity is too low to qualify” - Amazon requires an item to sell a specific amount of units through the course of a certain amount of weeks, depending on the marketplace you are selling on.

  • “Enrolled but Amazon has not provided us with enough information about this product's attributes” - Information lacking within Amazon’s reporting which results in our system not being able to calculate Small and Light fees for the item.

  • “Enrolled but this product's weight is missing from the Amazon listing” - This usually means the weight has not been entered within your seller central account for the item and are not being included within Amazon’s reporting.

  • “Enrolled but this product is missing one or more dimensional attributes from the Amazon listing” - This usually means the dimensional attributes have not been entered within your seller central account for the item and are not being included within Amazon’s reporting.

  • “This marketplace is not supported” - Amazon will support Small and Light items under the US, UK, DE, & JP marketplaces only.

How do I know if an item is eligible for Small and Light?

Where can I find more information on Small and Light?

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