OAGenius is software that allows you to quickly list and sync your inventory for seamless and effortless automated management.

Integrating with OAGenius allows you to sync your cost values set in their system every 30 minutes using our direct API. Costs already set in your Informed account will be overridden by values set in OAGenius. If a cost is changed in Informed, the cost will be overridden in the next update from OAGenius.

Setting up your integration with OAGenius is a two-step process, starting with getting your API key in Informed.

Obtaining your Informed API Key

In order to setup your OAGenius integration, which uses our direct API, you will first need to obtain your API Key in Informed using the following steps:

  1. Navigate to your Integrations page

  2. Click the blue "Generate an API Key" text to generate your key

  3. Copy the the API Key that is generated

Completing your integration with OAGenius

Once you've generated your API Key in Informed, you will need to complete the integration in your OAGenius account using the following steps:

  1. In OAGenius, navigate to your Settings page

  2. Paste your Informed API Key (copied in Step 3 above) and paste it in the Informed.co (Appeagle) field under the Integrations section

  3. Set the toggle to Enabled and select Save

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