For listings that are competing directly against the Buy Box, using either our Get the Buy Box strategy or a Build Your Own strategy targeting the Buy Box, we have a new strategy setting that allows you to do the following when the Buy Box is suppressed:

  • Do not reprice

  • Use Min Price

  • Use Max Price

  • Compete with the lowest featured merchant

IMPORTANT: The setting is disabled by default and will not be active until one of the above options is selected.

What is a suppressed Buy Box?

A suppressed buy box is when Amazon completely removes the Buy Box on a listing. Below is an example of what the offer page will look like when Amazon has removed the buy box:

Instead of seeing "Add to Cart" there is a "See All Buying Options" button. While Amazon does not give out exact details regarding this, we believe that there are two reasons why Amazon removes the buy box:

  1. All selling prices are above MSRP (manufacturer's suggested retail price)

  2. There are currently no Buy Box eligible offers on the page

How to identify suppressed Buy Box items in Informed

You can identify these items up on the listings page of your account by setting your views to:

  • Filter By: All Marketplaces (If applicable, you can filter by particular Amazon marketplace)

  • Sort By: No Buy Box for Listing

The view below will pull up all items with no buy box for you to review.

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