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Integrating with SKU Grid allows you to sync your cost values set in their system either every 1, 12, or 24 hours. Costs already set in your Informed Repricer account will be overridden by values set in SKU Grid. If a cost is manually changed in our system, the cost will be overridden in the next update from SKU Grid.

Setting up your integration with SKU Grid is a two-step process, starting with setting up the integration in SKU Grid before adding your integration URL in Informed.

Setting up your integration in SKU Grid

In order to setup your SKU Grid integration, you will need to enable some settings in SKU Grid and obtain your URL to add to Informed Repricer:

  1. In your SKU Grid account, navigate to your Amazon Marketplace Settings

  2. Set Auto Update Amazon Stock = Yes and Auto Update Amazon Price = No

  3. Delete the long formula written under Calculating Amazon's Selling Price. You will need to add a formula here, if you'd like to pass the supplier price and shipping costs only, Sku Grid recommends the following formula: vendor_price + vendor_shipping

  4. Under Informed Integration select Yes for Export In Stock Items to Informed

  5. Next, select what you want to use as the SKU variable in your generated file, we recommend using Amazon's SKU as the SKU field is required when updating a cost.

  6. You should see a .csv link appear, copy this link as it will need to be entered in our system

Adding your SKU Grid hosted file URL in Informed

Once you've chosen the correct settings in SKU Grid and obtained your URL, you will need to complete the integration by adding the URL as a hosted file:

  1. Navigate to Integrations > SKU grid

  2. Paste your SKU Grid URL (copied in Step 6 above) and paste it in the File URL field as shown below

  3. Select Sync, your cost prices will sync automatically going forward as per your select upload frequency

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