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What to do if the Intercom icon isn't showing for you

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We use Intercom as our communication platform for support, product tours, feature requests, and more. Intercom is used to help make your experience with us as seamless and educational as possible.

However, sometimes users report that they are unable to access Intercom. In these cases, we suggest first making Informed Repricer full screen to make sure you are not missing anything. 

If you still are not able to access our Intercom, it is likely that your browser is blocking Intercom and you'll need to take action in your browser settings, or use a different browser. Many times this is due to an Ad Blocker that is activated on your browser.

If an Ad Blocker is enabled on your browser you will not be able to access our chat, tours, and the "i" icons throughout our app which give additional context.

Here is some helpful information directly from the Intercom team:

"One of the common reasons the Messenger might not show for some users is if they have an adblocker or browser extension enabled, or use Firefox (which has tracking protection enabled by default). While Intercom isn’t an ad-provider, adblocking plugins may also block JavaScript that includes tracking functionality!

Try disabling your adblocker, or use a browser other than Firefox (you can also turn off tracking protection in Firefox for individual sites)."

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