What is Sales Rank?

Amazon Sales Rank (or Amazon Best Seller Ranking) is how well your product is selling when compared to its category. For example, if you are selling sweatshirts, you will be ranked against other products in the Clothing category. 

A single product can be listed within more than one category. There is the parent category and then sub-categories. For example, a sweatshirt's parent category could be Clothing while a sub-category is Outerwear along with other sub-categories. You will generally be ranked better in the sub-category due to the specificities of it. We report the best ranking sub-category.

How to Access it?

You can access Sales Rank in your Listings Details on your Listings page. You will see both the WebsiteSalesRank and sub-category for each product. We receive categories and category names directly from Amazon’s API so they may not always perfectly match what is displayed on the Amazon website.

We report the average sales rank of the past 24 hours. Amazon reports your sales rank hourly, so there may be slight differences in the rankings reported.

Note: The lower your number is, the better your ranking is. #1 is the best ranking a product can have.

How to utilize Sales Rank?

Sales Rank is important to know which items are popular and what people are buying. You can use it to see if a product is worth selling or use it to analyze if your sales have gone down or up. 

There are many factors that can affect Sales Rank including price, inventory, reviews and demand.


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