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Understand why we reprice your listings the way we do

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The Listing Activity Page shows you a historical account of your listing's repricing events.

Listing Activity Page

Within your Listing Activity page you will be able to see all your price changes, cost changes, orders, buy box wins/losses and more along with information about each from the past 14 days. This page gives you a visual display of all the work our repricer does for each listing.

How to access?

You can access the Listing Activity page directly from the Listings page, Orders page or Price Changes page.

Rejected Price Feeds

When repricing your listings, Informed will decide which items need to be repriced then package all of these price changes up into a feed. We send this feed out to Amazon and once Amazon receives the feed, they process the requested price revisions and send back a response file.  

Sometimes the response we receive from Amazon is that the price change has been rejected, there are three possible reasons for this:

  • Request has been throttled: Throttling is the process of limiting the number of requests you (or your authorized developer) can submit to a given operation in a given amount of time. Throttling protects the web service from being overwhelmed with request.

  • Marketplace is too new or inactive: If you marketplace is too new or inactive you will either have to wait or activate your marketplace within Seller Central.

  • Invalid Credentials: If your marketplace's credentials are invalid you will have to validate them. To assist you please refer to these articles: Amazon and Walmart.

To know if any of your price changes have been rejected, you will see a Reject Price Change notification on your Listing Activity page.

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