Backordered items

When you fulfill your orders through Amazon, it’s possible that some of your items will be shipped from one fulfillment center to another due to a high demand of the product within specific regions, or their seasonality. This means that your items will be in-transit.

While your items are in-transit, they will have a ‘backordered’ status on the marketplace. Amazon will not notify you when this takes place, nor can you prevent it from occurring without paying a fee.

If your items are ‘backordered’ (in transit), but already live on the Amazon offer page for customers to purchase, Informed will continue to reprice your listings regularly according to your strategy settings.

Get The Buy Box

However, if you're using our Get The Buy Box Algorithm, we will only make an initial price change to put your price in line with your competitor in the buy box, but will not lower your price in attempt to chase the buy box while your offer is still back ordered. We will only start to lower your price again if you do not get the buy box once your item is no longer backordered.


  • Pre-Ordered items, which could be MFN or FBA will be treated as backordered.

  • Seller Fulfilled Prime listings will be treated the same as FBA.

How to view your Backordered items

You can view your Backordered (In-Transit) listings by using the Backordered Listing filter on the Listings page.

If you do not want your Backordered listings to reprice, you can temporarily unmanage them or remove their min price. Unmanaged listings and listings with no min prices will not be repriced under any circumstances.

Pricing Against Backordered Items

If you do not want to price against competition that has backordered items you can use our Exclude Backordered Competition exclusion setting.

This exclusion setting allows you to ignore offers who are out of inventory and are listed as Backordered; these offers will take longer to arrive to a buyer and are less competitive.

You can find this exclusion setting in your strategy settings for the Build Your Own strategy.

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