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Adding VAT on a marketplace level

A VAT % can be added to all VAT eligible marketplaces (Amazon UK, Amazon DE, etc.) via the Marketplaces page and will apply to all new and current listings on the marketplace in which it is entered.

Once a Marketplace VAT is entered all listings with calculated min/max prices (profit-based, fixed-profit, and roi-based) will automatically have VAT factored in when calculating your min/max price

If you enter 0% as the Marketplace VAT %, VAT will not be applied to any listings on the marketplace unless they have an individual listing level VAT % set

To add VAT on a Marketplace level please follow the steps below:

  1. Navigate to the Marketplaces page

  2. Click on the Marketplace VAT field

  3. Enter your desired VAT % into the Marketplace VAT field

Adding VAT on an individual listing level

A VAT % can also be added via the Listings Page or an Upload for any listing on a VAT eligible marketplace

VAT added on the individual listing level will override any Marketplace VAT currently set. For example, if your Marketplace VAT for a given listing is set to 30% and the individual listing VAT is set to 15% the system will use 15% for that listing in any applicable min/max calculations

0% is an acceptable VAT % and will stop VAT from being used in any calculations. This can be used on an individual listing if you would like to have a Marketplace VAT on most listings but do not want to use that percentage on any specific listings
To add VAT on a Listing level via the Listings page please follow the steps below:

  1. Navigate to Listings page

  2. Select pencil "Edit Listing" icon

  3. Enter the VAT % into the VAT field

  4. Click Save

To add VAT on a Listing level via an Upload please follow the steps below:

  1. Navigate to the Uploads page

  2. Download your "All Available Fields" template

  3. Enter your desired VAT percentage in the VAT_PERCENTAGE column (do not include the % symbol). If you would like to remove VAT via an upload, you need to enter "delete" or "DELETE" in the appropriate field instead of 0 or a blank (as pictured below).

  4. Save your file and re-upload via the Uploads page

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