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Flxpoint connects your supply chain to your sales channels to fully automate ecommerce operations. Flxpoint solves for the most complex dropship fulfillment workflows and inventory management pain points better than legacy software focused primarily on the traditional wholesale relationship.

Our integration with Flxpoint allows cost prices to be updated using the data stored in your Flxpoint account.

With this integration set up, min and max price formulas can be created in Informed Repricer to reflect a percentage or dollar amount above your items cost as it is provided via Flxpoint. As your item cost changes in Flxpoint and we receive it, your items min and max prices will update to reflect the new information allowing the most up to date prices with the correct margins to be sent to the marketplace.

Step 1: Creating and obtaining your Flxpoint .csv file

  1. Login to your Flxpoint account

  2. Add a sales channel under Channels

  3. Create a Sync Products integration for a .csv hosted file

  4. Add the SKU, COST, and CURRENCY (ex: USD) to the mapping template

NOTE: All Flxpoint customers have a dedicated Customer Success Manager that will be able to set up this feed file and connection for you. Make sure to contact their direct email to help with the setup.

Step 2: Adding your .csv file to Informed Repricer as an integration

  1. Login to your account

  2. Navigate to your Integrations page

  3. Select Add Integration under Flxpoint

  4. Enter your Flxpoint hosted file URL obtained in the previous steps

  5. Click Save

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