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Learn how our smart price reset setting works

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What is it?

Smart Price Reset is a smart way to essentially “reset” prices on a listing to prevent the price from going too low and causing the dreaded race to the bottom.

How does it work?

Our software will analyze historical data to identify the specific timeframe during off-peak hours when you have the lowest sales. Then, we’ll automatically increase your price to your Max Price at that time. This will “reset” the price of the listing by causing your competitors to raise their prices in response, thus helping to increase your profit margins and eliminate the race to the bottom!

When the price reset time period ends, your strategy rules will take over and reprice you against your competition based on their newest price.

How to enable Smart Price reset?

This setting can be enabled on all strategies except our Sales Velocity Algorithm and can be turned on by setting the following toggle to Enabled when editing a strategy:

Before turning this strategy setting on we recommend making sure your Max prices adhere to Amazon pricing guidelines. Amazon will deactivate items with prices set too high.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if I don't have a max price assigned to my listings?

  • Items without a max price will not be repriced using Smart Price Reset

What time does the Smart Price Reset take place?

  • Our system will reprice you to your max price using this setting at 6:00 AM - 7:00 AM in the time zone of your marketplace's region. Please note that some marketplaces will cover multiple time zones such as Amazon US which will automatically use the time zone which our data indicates has the least orders (EST).

Which marketplaces can Smart Price Reset be used for?

  • At this time, Smart Price Reset is only available for Amazon marketplaces; any listings on a Walmart marketplace using a strategy with Smart Price Reset enabled will simply act as if the setting is disabled.

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