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What is it?

The Listings page acts as the primary page for viewing all listings information on many items at once. It functions similar to a table where each listing represents a row and columns each represent different pieces of data for a listing. This table below shows all the fields/columns that are currently available on the listings page:


Listing Title






Your Price

Competition Price

Buy Box Status





Sales Rank


What additional information can I find on the Listings page?

There are also various fields on the listings page that can be hovered over to show tooltips with useful pieces of information. Below are details of the various fields that contain tooltips that will show when hovered over:

Listing Title: The Listing Title field tooltip will display the full title in cases where the title has been cut off due to column size.

Profit, Min, and Max: The Profit field tooltip will display a breakdown of how the profit is being calculated for your current price. On the other hand, hovering over the Min or Max field will display a breakdown of how the profit is calculated for the min price and max price shown.

Your Price: The Your Price and Competition field tooltip will contain details about your offer or your competition's based on which field you hover over; details will include things such as the Item Price, Shipping, Featured status, and Prime status.

Competition: The Competition field will not only display the same details as Your Price, except about your competition, but is can also provide quick visual indicators of when action may need to be taken on an item such as:

  • Competition is below your min price: If you notice a yellow warning indicator, pictured below, under the competition column this is a quick visual that lets you know the competition is currently below your min price. You can also hover over the competition column to see a description letting you know exactly what the alert stands for.

How can I bulk edit listings?

From the Listings page many bulk actions can be taken on listings at once. You can start to take bulk actions on items by selecting either a single checkbox on the left side of a given listing or by selecting the empty checkbox at the top of the listings table to select all items on that page.

At this time, the following actions can be performed in bulk on the new listings page:

  • Assign strategies in bulk

  • Add or remove tags in bulk

  • Manage or Unmanage listings in bulk

  • Delete items from Informed in bulk

How can I filter what I'm seeing on the listings page?

At the top of the listings page there are various filter options which allow you to more granularly select the data you are currently viewing; you can even add multiple filters which will allow you narrow down the exact information you are viewing for analytics and to make it easier to take bulk actions.

Filtering the page is simple, just click the + Add Filter button shown on the top left of the listings page to select the exact information you would like to filter by. You will notice there there are two types of filters that show in the drop-down.

Details: These are filter options that let you specify more straight forward data like which marketplace you would like to filter by or even something like only seeing which items have been added to Informed in the last 48 hours. Here are all the current options under the Details section of the filters:

  • Favorites

  • Marketplace

  • Tags

  • Fulfillment Type

  • New (48 hours)

Pricing: These filters have to do more with your current price, your competition's price, and your strategy settings to help you make more business decisions and update your listings accordingly. Here are all the current options under the Pricing section of the filters:

  • Strategy

  • Buy Box Status

  • Competition price

  • Current Price

  • Reason For Not Repricing

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I export data from the listings page?

  • You can export all of the data on the listings page by clicking the Export button visible directly above the column headers. This export button will export all fields and will follow any filters that are currently set so that you can export only the listings that would like to.

Can I re-upload a file that I exported after making changes?

  • All listing page exports are exported in the same format, meaning same column headers, as our upload templates so that they can be easily edited and reuploaded to our system via the Uploads page at any time.

How can I sort on a specific column?

  • You can sort on any column by simply clicking on the column header. If the sort is ascending and you would like to switch it to descending order, or vice versa, simply click the header again.

Can I move columns into a different order or resize the columns?

  • Any column can be moved left or right to reorder the listings page columns by clicking on the header and dragging the column to where you would like it moved. Any item that is dragged to the left-side section can be pinned so that it is always visible when scrolling.

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