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What are strategies and which strategies can I use for Walmart?

Strategies determine how your listings will be repriced on the marketplace. You can use either our algorithmic Get the Buy Box strategy or one of our custom rules-based strategies. Strategies also determine how you will set your Min and Max price. You can choose to have Min and Max calculated by using a formula or you can choose to set a manual Min and Max price. We will never go below or above your Min and Max price set parameters.

Get the Buy Box (Algorithmic): Our algorithm will identify the Walmart Buy Box seller specifically as your direct competitor and reprice you under the Buy Box price to ensure you always have the lowest price.

Build Your Own: Start from scratch and build your own strategy. You'll have the option to compete directly against the Buy Box or against the lowest offer on the page along with access to our additional exclusion settings.

Compete against the Lowest Price: We will pull in the lowest priced offer on the offer page as your direct competitor. You will have the option to set your own pricing rule of how you would like to be repriced by either dollar amount or percentage.

How often will we reprice on Walmart?

If you are competing with the Buy Box using either the Get the Buy Box algorithm or Build Your Own strategy then we are able to reprice your items every 30 minutes. If you are using a strategy that targets the lowest offer on the listing as your competition then repricing will be delayed until we receive a new offer report, this time will vary.

What is the recommended strategy for Walmart?

We recommend using the Get the Buy Box algorithm because it will allow us to find the optimal price to win you the Buy Box. If you are using the algorithm then we are able to tick down your price every 30 minutes. Since we receive Buy Box notifications instantly when the Buy Box winner changes, we will know as soon as your offer is in the Buy Box. Once your offer is in the Buy Box we will keep you at that same price until a new notification tells our system that you lost it, in which case this process will start over.

Where do we get Walmart competition and Buy Box data from?

We use two different reports in order to fill in data for your offer, competition, and the Buy Box winner. Anytime the Buy Box offer changes price or the Buy Box winner is changed we receive a new Buy Box notification report. We also receive an offer report every 24 hours which we use to confirm your price, and the competition's price.

Frequently Asked Questions

How should I calculate my Min/ Max Prices for Walmart?

  • Walmart does not send over fee information to us so only the formula-based Min/ Max can be used if you want to calculate your Min/ Max prices using your cost.

    When using the formula-based Min/ Max you'll need to incorporate your fees when setting the cost + % calculation. Since the fees on Walmart are typically 15% of your sale price you'll typically need to enter a higher % since we are adding a % of your cost price in the formula rather than % of your sale price.

    We can't tell you the exact % to enter to ensure you are selling for a profit because it will differ on each item but typically you'll want it to be at least 20%. Please note, in some cases, it may need to be higher depending on the item.

Can my price be raised on Walmart?

  • Yes, we do have the ability to raise your price on Walmart. If you are using a rules-based strategy then we will raise your price up when your strategy settings dictate. If you are using the Get the Buy Box algorithm we will raise your price up if there is room to do so while still winning the Buy Box.

Can Informed Repricer reprice unpublished listings on Walmart?

  • We are not able to reprice unpublished listings.

Can certain sellers be excluded on Walmart?

  • This is not a function that can be supported at this time. You will be alerted if this feature ever becomes available!

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