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Learn how Smart Max prices work in Informed Repricer

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What is it?

Smart Max Prices are an automated method of entering your max price in Informed Repricer where we will automatically calculate the optimal max prices for your listings for you, saving you time and helping you prevent your listings from being deactivated. At this time, Smart Max Prices are available for Amazon marketplaces only.

How does it work?

We will use our own in-house designed AI to automatically set and update your Max Prices with the goal of increasing your overall profits and prevent listing deactivation.

The goal of a Smart Max Price is to calculate a max price that is high enough to maximize your profits while still being low enough to prevent your listing from being deactivated.

If a listing does become deactivated, we will automatically attempt to reactivate your listing and will also adjust your Smart Max Price in an effort to prevent any future deactivation.

How to enable Smart Price Max Prices?

Smart Max Prices are set per strategy and can be enabled when creating a new strategy or editing an existing strategy during the Set Your Min & Max step. Any listing assigned to that strategy will automatically use a Smart Max Price unless a manual max price is set on the listing.

This feature can be used in conjunction with any other min/max type in our system. For example, this means that you can have a Profit-based min price while also having a Smart Max price. You'll notice that once you have enabled Smart Max Prices on a strategy, you will only be able to set a target profit-margin for the min price field as we will automatically be calculating your max price for you.

How do I know if a listing has a Smart Max applied?

Listings with a Smart Max price applied will automatically show the Smart Max icon, the blue wand pictured in the screenshot below, directly on the Listings page. Additionally, if you hover over the max price itself, you will see text letting you know that the max price was Calculated with Smart Max.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if I have a manual max price applied to my listing?

  • Manual max prices will always override those calculated by your strategy; this means that a manual max price will override a smart max price set by our system.

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