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What is CPT (Competitive Price Threshold)?
What is CPT (Competitive Price Threshold)?

Learn everything you need to know about CPT

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What is a CPT (Competitive Price Threshold)?

CPT stands for "Competitive Price Threshold". The CPT on a listing is based on competitive prices from other retailers (excluding other Amazon sellers) and is used as a guideline to determine Buy Box eligibility.

If your item price + shipping is above the CPT, the offer may be ineligible for the Buy Box.

This value, when provided, is automatically used in our Get the Buy Box strategy to ensure your offer remains Buy Box eligible.

Where can I see an item's CPT in Informed Repricer?

You can see the CPT listed on the Competition Insights tab of the Edit Listing window. You can access this window by clicking the edit "pencil" button under the actions menu on the listings page.

It is important to note that at this time, Amazon doesn't report the CPT for every listing on its platform. We use Amazon's AnyOfferChanged notification to populate the CPT for your listings. If Amazon does include it on this notification, we will show it in our system.

Will Informed Repricer keep my price below CPT?

The Get the Buy Box algorithmic strategy will not reprice above CPT unless your minimum price exceeds it. This is to ensure that you remain Buy Box eligible in order to win the Buy Box.

If you use a strategy other than the Get the Buy Box algorithm, we will reprice as we normally would and follow your rules. This means we will not take into account CPT when repricing.

Additionally, if you use the Smart Max Price feature, we will never set your Smart Max above the CPT.

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