Walmart's API limitations

Learn how limitations in Walmart's API impact Informed Repricer

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Unlike Amazon, Walmart's reporting provided via their API contains much more limited information; because of this, certain functionality is either limited or unavailable in Informed Repricer.

The following article contains details on functionality which is limited or does not work for Walmart listings/marketplaces in Informed Repricer as a result of limited information provided from Walmart's API.

Which strategies options can and cannot be used with Walmart listings?


The following strategies are currently available for Walmart repricing:

Walmart listings assigned to the Optimal Price and Private Label strategies will not be repriced by our system at this time.

Strategy Settings

In regards to strategy settings, the following strategy settings do not work for Walmart listings as a result of Walmart's more limited offer data:

Min and Max Prices

At this time, Walmart does not provide Walmart fee data via their API. Without this information, our system is unable to calculate profit and ROI. This limitation prevents the following min/max price methods from being used for Walmart listings:

  • Return on Investment (ROI)

  • Profit Margin

  • Fixed Profit

What analytics data is limited for Walmart marketplaces?

Since Walmart does not provide fee data via their API, our system is unable to calculate profit and ROI for Walmart listings. Because of this, the following analytics data is unavailable for any Walmart listings or Walmart marketplaces:

Dashboard page

Analytics page

Listings page

  • Profit (Last 30 Days)

  • Profit Chart data

  • Profit data

  • Profit calculations

  • Condition Type

  • Sales Rank

Which reports are unavailable for Walmart marketplaces?

As a result of Walmart's limited competition data, the following reports will contain more limited information in comparison to Amazon listings:

  • Competition Landscape

  • Competition Summary

Since Featured Merchant status it not a valid for Walmart marketplaces, the following report will not work for Walmart listings:

  • Featured Merchant Status

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