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Create Custom Views and Export Custom Reports in Informed Repricer

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Custom Views in Informed Repricer allow you to define a set of filters and columns and save that data as a view to be easily accessed on the listings page.

Custom Views are designed to save you time while managing your listings via the Listings Page. It will enhance your ability to interact with the Listings Page by creating your own view with pre-set filters and columns.

What are the benefits of Custom Views?

  • Build a Custom View right on the Listings Page that displays the information you care about most. You can add any filters and columns that you want to your Custom View.

  • Save your Custom View for easy access at any time. You can give each view a custom name so you can easily select the one you want to access.

  • Export your Custom Views as a downloadable report. You can export any of your views at any time, giving you access to advanced reporting whenever you need it.

How do I build and save a Custom View?

Add any filters and columns to the Listings Page that you want in your Custom View. To add a filter, simply click the "Add Filter" button at the top of the listings table. You can add multiple filters at once and even search for a specific one, as shown below.

You'll notice that the Save button will be enabled once you make changes to your existing view.

Once you have your desired view, click "Save" and give your Custom View a unique name. After you give it a name, you can access it at any time from the Listings Page via the View drop-down on the top left corner of the Listings page table directly to the left of the Add Filter option.

Some examples of popular Custom Views include:

  • Listings that don't have the Buy Box and have a low Sales Velocity

  • Listings with low sales velocity and haven't won the Buy Box in X amount of days

  • Listings with low stock levels and a high sales velocity

How do I export my custom view?

Once you've selected the Custom View you want to download, click the "Export" button in the top right-hand corner of the Listings Page to export your filtered data.

At this time, exports will include all available columns, but in future iterations, you will be able to export only the columns you defined in your Custom View.

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