If you would like to have two listings share inventory without having the same SKU name, you can create a group. Groups allow you to combine your listings so they share one universal amount of available inventory. You can give your group a custom name and specify an amount of available inventory. Sales for any listings assigned to a group will be deducted from the group quantity. All listings in a group will show up together in your listing view. Once a group is created, the corresponding column will appear on your listings page. Any Inventory Distribution Settings in place will continue to be used, with the group inventory as the starting point. It is important to understand that the group inventory will override any inventory set for the individual SKU.

To create a group on the listings page

New groups can be created two ways, by utilizing the actions menu within your listings view and through the use of Uploads

  1. Select the checkbox for each listing you are assigning to a group.
  2. Click the actions menu, scroll to assign group , then new group.
  3. You will then be prompted to enter a Group name and set an amount of available inventory.
  4. Click "Save" to apply your changes.

Note: Your newly created group will now appear in the assign group sub-menu. The listings you selected for your new group will all share the amount of available inventory that has been specified. If for any reason you need to edit your group name or quantity, you can do so by clicking on any group displayed in the listing row.

Using templates

Your Group Inventory can be updated in bulk from the manage section of your account, select uploads from the side menu and choose the template for "Update Group Inventory".

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