Your handling time is the elapsed time between when the customer places an order on the marketplace and the order is handed over to the delivery service. It's important to know that Handling time can only be set when Quantity Sync is enabled. When Quantity Sync is not enabled the handling time should be set directly on the marketplace. Amazon requires a value for your handling time when making changes to your quantity. If your handling time is not set in Informed, we will set it to the Amazon (0-2) or account wide default.

To set handling time on an individual listing

Editing the handling time one by one on a listing can be done on the Listings page when clicking on the edit listing pencil icon. Simply enter your handling time into the corresponding field. Click "Save" to apply your changes.

Using templates

From the manage section of your account, select uploads from the side menu and choose the template for "MAP and Handling Time". This is the best method to use when setting the Handling Time for a large amount of listings at once in bulk.

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