Linking listings

With Quantity Sync enabled, your SKUs can be linked o share available inventory. Once your listings are linked, a green chain-link icon will appear in your Available inventory column. Clicking on this icon will pull up a view of all listings that have been linked.

The SKUs set on the marketplace must be identical for each listing with Quantity Sync enabled.

  • Once your listings are downloaded into your account, they will be linked automatically and can begin sharing inventory once Quantity Sync is enabled.
  • If your listings do not link automatically, it means that they were initially downloaded into your account with separate SKUs.
  • When you can confirm that the SKUs for each listing are identical in your seller account, simply delete the listings from your Informed account.

Unlinking SKUs

In order to stop already linked SKUs from sharing inventory, you will need to unlink them.

  • Disable Quantity Sync
  • Rename your SKUs on the marketplace to be distinct from each other. Delete the listing in Informed and it will download back in with the new SKU and be unlinked

Important: Edits to your listing, such as min/max/manual prices, cost, MAPs, inventory, strategy assignments, and memos will not carry over from the deleted SKU to the new SKU. It is highly suggested to download an "All Available Fields" template prior to deleting any listings. This will make it easier to re-apply your settings by performing a quick upload.

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