Inventory Distribution

Your inventory distribution setting allows you to specify exactly how your quantities should be allocated across your listings. You can choose to send a percentage, set a fixed number, or add/subtract your total available inventory.

  • Percentage: Allows you to specify what percentage of your available inventory should be sent to the marketplace. For example, if you have 10 in available inventory, setting your percentage to 50, will list 5 to the marketplace.
  • Fixed Number : Allows you to list a fixed quantity regardless of your available amount. This can be helpful when listing items that you know will always be in stock.
  • Subtract: Allows you to subtract from your available inventory. Your listing will be ended once it goes below the amount you've set.
  • Add: Allows you to add to your available inventory. This will prevent the listing from being ended when the available inventory reaches 0.

Max to List

This field is useful for sellers who do not want to display the available inventory of their listings. Sellers can use the Max to List field to specify a number that should be used instead of the available inventory. This setting will only be used if your available amount is greater than the Max to List.

Example: If you enter a max to list of 10 for example and your true available inventory amount let's say is 200 - someone purchases 6 items of that product, your inventory amount on the offer page will continue to remain at 10. The only time it will not remain at 10 is when you have exactly 10 items left. (We would then show your real amount to prevent you from overselling.)

Auto Relist

This feature allows your out-of-stock items to be relisted once available inventory has been updated. You must update your available inventory in order for an item to be relisted. The setting should remain disabled if you use an external tool to put up new listings when an item comes back into stock.

eBay's Out-Of-Stock Feature

Using this feature allows sellers to keep GTC (Good 'Til Canceled) items intact, even when the quantity goes down to zero. This allows you to replenish stock for the same Item ID, without the need to relist the item with a new Item ID once it's back in stock.

eBay listings that have been out of stock for 90 days will be automatically ended by eBay. If an ended item has not been relisted in 90 days it will expire, after which, we're unable to relist your item. 

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